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The basic idea of Tile Empires is to gain and place tiles to build the land for your empire. Then you will want to build structures and armies to protect your empire or attack others.

To place tiles, click and drag a tile out of your inventory to place it. While dragging a land tile, you can use the [shift] key to rotate it. Tiles can be placed when edges are matching in land / color next to one of your empire's already placed tiles. They can only be placed within a certain range of your capital and explorers.

You can also click and drag already placed land tiles to look around your empire. Alternatively you can also use the [up] [down] [left] [right] arrow keys to look around. The [home] key will center your view on your capital.

If you place a tile and a red border appears, that means you have bumped up against another empire. You can move units onto it, but you cannot build on or place tiles next to someone else's tiles (without being next to your tile as well).

The probability of getting a specific type of land tile is based on where each of your explorers are built. If you have an explorer on a plains tile, it has a high chance of finding a plains tile and a slightly lower chance finding a tile that borders plains tiles. Every explorer has a very small chance to find a mountain tile.

Mountain tiles act differently than the rest of the tiles. Mountain tiles work kind of like wild cards. They can be placed with any kind of tile bordering them.

Buildings that require connection by road to a capital or warehouse will only search 20 tiles away when looking for that connection. This is currently just a server resource concern due to pathfinding and could be reduced or increased in the future.

NOTE: Unless specified otherwise, adjacent normally means north, south, east, and west of the building or tile. If something works diagonally, it will say diagonally.

At the top of every hour the current turn ends and a new one begins. All production and upkeep calculations are made at this time. You will also gain new tiles at this time.

Basic Structures
Intermediate Structures
Advanced Structures & Units

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